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automated backtesting - optimizing parameters of
MicroForex EA V34.0
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You should consider to test this via the same broker I do. I use XM

Status: Tue Feb 19 04:59:53 CET 2019

1) EURGBPmicro-M1

Absolute drawdown32.54Maximal drawdown128.75 (10.36%)Relative drawdown10.36% (128.75)
Total net profit316.02Gross profit361.90Gross loss-45.87
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)16 (188.50)consecutive losses (loss in money)1 (-16.46)
Averageconsecutive wins5consecutive losses1
Initial deposit1000.00SpreadCurrent (20)

2) EURUSDmicro-M1

Absolute drawdown19.67Maximal drawdown41.43 (3.71%)Relative drawdown3.71% (41.43)
Total net profit136.86Gross profit144.09Gross loss-7.23
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)14 (135.94)consecutive losses (loss in money)1 (-6.33)
Averageconsecutive wins9consecutive losses1
Initial deposit1000.00SpreadCurrent (17)